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13 07 2009

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Welcome to my place.

Here we want to keep you updated as to what is happening in South Africa.

We want to try and assist the fans that are coming to the Soccer World Cup in 2010.

This will no doubt be a great adventure.

As this is Africa, most people don’t know, or understand what they will need when coming here.

We would like to assist and try and inform them.

Soccer in Sunny South Africa ?

Well please be prepared.

It is winter over here during the Soccer.

Cold and very cold in some places.

Durban is about the only place that you will still be able to swim.

As it never gets cold, winter is the best season in Durban as there is no humidity and just warm enough.

The daytime in most of the Country is still warm but can get cold,

but the night time and mornings, can get very cold.

Winter is the best time to go game viewing as the bush is not to dense and you can see the Game.

The Lions are not hiding in the shade, this is the best time if you want a safari adventure.

South Africa can be great, but it is best to get connected before you come.

Have a look at the link in this site, you will find some great stuff.

Houses to rent for the World Cup and more.






2 responses

18 07 2009

Hi ,

I had a look at the site, there are some great things on it .


12 03 2010

Looking good. I think people need a lot of information available to them when traveling to South Africa

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