Tips to stay safe in South Africa

29 12 2009

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Here are some tips to stay safe while in South Africa.
Now these may seem obvious to some, but for the person that has not done much traveling these tips are vital.

1st one is don’t walk around exposing fancy gadgets, like cell phones, laptops and cameras.

2nd : Don’t ask for help from anyone when you are making withdrawals from the Banks ATM’s.

3rd : Don’t wonder into remote areas.

4th : Only exchange your money at Banks or reputable Companies.
The currency used in South Africa is the Rand.

5th : In South Africa most of the City Centers are dangerous after dark and not the place to go. The entertainment has moved out of the Cities and into areas located in safer places.

6th : Townships are not the places that you would want to visit, there are tours that go through these areas if you want to see them, but don’t go there by yourself.

7th : The general mode of transport in South Africa for the masses are what they call mini buses.They are all over the place and available at most times, however this mode of transport is not very safe and would be advisable not to use.

8th : Aids in rife in South Africa and it would not be wise to try out any of the local lady’s of the night as this could be a game of Russia Roulette.

9th : Don’t carry your passport and don’t carry too much cash, make a photo copy of your passport.

10th : There are some bad areas and there are good areas, find out about the areas to stay away from and then don’t go there and don’t take strangers back to your hotel room.

These are just some very basic guidelines to follow, adhere to these and you should not have any problems.

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