Transport in South Africa

6 01 2010

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Getting around in South Africa can be difficult.
They don’t have the first world transport infrastructure that most Countries have. They are in the process of upgrading the major Cities, but going to Rustenburg or Polekwane could be very difficult and dangerous.

Driving to these games could be dangerous, there are wild animals in these areas and they often wonder onto the roads, so if you are staying in Sun City and going to Rustenburg to watch the games, you have to drive with extreme caution.

In South Africa they drive on the left hand side of the road and if you are planning to rent a car while in South Africa, the cars are mostly stick shift and you don’t find many automatic cars. You would have to request it and if you are lucky you might find one available. But you must
book this as if you arrive in South Africa, you won’t find any available during the Soccer World Cup.

The roads in some places have pot holes and are not of the best standard.

Public transport in not very good and you will not be able to rely on this. The mini taxi that they use , which is not metered is a no go.
They are mostly not roadworthy and the drivers of these are rather reckless.Most road accidents that happen in South Africa are caused by them.

They have a rail system to the major destinations, but these are slow and not very safe, that will be upgraded in time.

The speed limit in South Africa is KMPH 120 on highways and KMPH 60 in urban areas. They can also vary on the same stretch of road to KMPH 40 , KMPH 80. The control of speed limits, are carried out by traffic officers or cameras that are positioned throughout the Country. Stick to the speed limit and you won’t have any problems with the law.

It is not advisable to hitch hike through South Africa as this could be very dangerous.

Your best option would be to hire a car in the various Cities, you would then fly between the Cities, JHB, DBN, CTN, BLM.
These Cities care located far apart and would take a few hours to get there.
Have a look at this site, you will find a map of South Africa, this will give you a better understanding of the layout of these games.
You can also book your car from this site, if there are any still available.




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