Land for sale in South Africa

7 01 2010

The time for Africa to shine has come, with the Soccer World Cup being such a great success, things are starting to turn.
South Africa starts to bounce back things are looking good.
South Africa is getting rebuilt, they are upgrading the infrastructure, huge money </ais been invested and the Country is recovering.
The property market has started to turn and investments are starting to happen.

“Own a piece of Africa”

If you are looking at buying a piece of Africa, real Africa somewhere to create your African dream.
Here is a great opportunity, situated next to the largest game reserve in the world,
“The Kruger National Park”.
This is where you can create the perfect African getaway, you are right in the heart of the African bush.

Click here and own a piece of Africa

The mixture of the silence of the African night and the animals calls, are something that will not be forgotten.
Prime land, Prime Position. 

“Own a piece of Africa”, this a a great piece of “land for sale in South Africa”
Great position and a good price, to “own a piece of Africa”
These two stands are positioned next to each other, giving you enough land to build your dream house.

“Land for sale in South Africa”
“Land right next to the Kruger National Park”
Build your own Safari getaway.

Get in before the prices start to climb, “own a piece of Africa”.
Click on the Link below to get all the details.

So for the




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