Affordable luxury accommodation in the Natal Midlands

11 01 2010

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South Africa has so much to offer and so much to see.
This is an area that you should try and see while you are in South Africa.
Situated in Natal is the” Natal Midlands”, one of  South Africa’s great wonders.


The “Natal Midlands” is an area of gently rolling hills with green farmlands, lovely rivers and streams, and indigenous and commercial forests.  The area has been a haven for rural and creative people since the early 1800s.
In spring and summer, the hillsides are covered in carpets of green, dotted with an abundance of wild flowers. During the crispy cold autumns, the leaves and grasslands turn burnt orange and yellow, and during winter, the air is frosty and sometimes there is even snow.

You will also find some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the province, excellent fly-fishing, and an amazing variety of craft shops and home industries along the route known as the “Midlands Meander“.

“Affordable luxury accommodation in the Natal Midlands”

Peaceful beautiful and a great escape, from the rush of the Cities.
The Natal Midlands is a place that you should try and visit.

They always have fantastic specials, on “luxury accommodation in the Natal Midlands”.

If you are looking for something peaceful and where nature is at it’s best.
Then you need to explore this part of South Africa.
“The Natal Midlands”.
Situated just outside of  Durban in South Africa,  the “Natal Midlands”.

Here is a place that is right in the heart of the Midlands.
A place to stay when you can experience the beauty of the Midlands.
A quality place to stay in luxury, convenient and peaceful accommodation.
Great for pleasure or business.

Safe affordable luxury accommodation in the Natal Midlands.

Click Here for the best place to stay in the Natal Midlands

Luxury accommodation in the “Natal Midlands” in South Africa.




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