Durban as a base for 2010 World Cup

12 01 2010

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Durban in Natal South Africa as you should know is one of the host Cities for the Soccer World Cup.
The Moses Madiba Stadium in Durban is breathtaking and offers a world-class venue.

This is a coastal City and is the only place in South Africa during that time, that you will be able to swim and enjoy the warm weather.
The Stadium in Durban is fantastic with just a walk across the road to the beach.

In Durban you can take advantage of the fact that it is so warm
You can go to the beach, you can go out on boat rides on the ocean.
Durban has a nice range of food that they serve, they are famous for the curry that they have which has a unique flavor.

Durban in the local holiday spot that during vacation time the rest of the Country flocks to.

Durban is on the Indian Ocean so it enjoys the warm sea water, you are able to swim all year-round.

The new improvements that are taking place in Durban and that will be ready for the World Cup, will add to the experience and enjoyment of this coastal city.

Just outside of Durban you can enjoy the beauty of the Natal Midlands or you can visit some game parks, visit the Drakensberg Mountains or the Saint Lucia Wetlands, the list goes on.

The best way to travel to other matches around the Country, if you made Durban your base.

Well it would be advisable to fly to the other destination, but if you can’t and you want to drive, here are some time estimates that it would take you to get to the other games from Durban.

Durban – Cape Town travel time + – 14 Hours
Durban – Pretoria/ Tswane travel time + – 7 Hours
Durban – Johannesburg travel time + – 6 Hours
Durban – Polokwane travel time + – 9 Hours
Durban – Rustenburg travel time + – 9 Hours
Durban – Bloemfontein travel time + – 5 Hours
Durban – Nelspruit travel time + – 9 Hours
Durban – Port Elisabeth travel time + – 8 Hours

The above time-table is merely a guide and these are estimated travel times, not taking into account all the extra traffic and road congestion. So add some extra time for that, the speed limit on open roads is 120 Kmph and 60 kmph in built up areas. The enforcement of the speed limit is done by camera and by police officers, stick to the speed limit and you will be fine.




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