Safety Concerns in South Africa for the World Cup

15 01 2010

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Safety concerns about the World Cup in South Africa.
There has is lots of news all over the web, the hyped up image of South Africa as this death trap, the image of everyone attending the games, being mugged, stabbed or raped.

The idea of having to wear bullet proof vests and helmets to South Africa. The World is in fear and they are all being hyped up by people looking to make money out of producing and selling safety clothing and equipment to scared soccer fans around the world.

Let my try to calm you all down, this is not the dark ages that we live in, you don’t have to come over and wear and form of protective clothing. You don’t even have to scared, but if you do stupid things and wonder into bad areas at night, then expect to find trouble.

This is like most places around the world, alright South Africa dose have an abnormal amount of crime, but it is not a war zone and you don’t have to treat it like one, no bullet proof vests needed.

You don’t have to lock your self up in your Hotel room, you don’t have to hire private body guards or any security devices. Just use your brain and don’t do things that you would not do in your own Country.

People of the world are meant to be excited about coming to South Africa to experience the Soccer World Cup.
Not scared and rushing around trying to see what safety devices are around to wear or bring to South Africa.


Start getting excited, GET VERY EXCITED as this is going to be a World Cup to remember.
Rather use your energy and start planning this trip, don’t waste your time worrying about this.

You can visit South Africa and have a fantastic time, don’t go into any funny areas and go out and have fun. There are lots to see and do.
If you get drawn into this marketing of FEAR, then they will sell you lots of things that you will never use and that you did not need in the first place. You become a target for these manufactures that are trying to sell these safety items. I mean a “Bullet Proof Vest”, in your Countries flag, that is ridiculous.

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