Cheapest Accommodation for Soccer World Cup 2010

17 01 2010

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Accommodation in South Africa during the Soccer World Cup is something everyone is talking about.
Due to the large amount of visitors expected in South Africa and the fact that Hotels are getting booked out, here is a great alternative to accommodation in South Africa.

Connect directly with homes throughout South Africa. Find a house an apartment or a room to rent, during the Soccer World Cup in South Africa.

You will get to search the entire data base that covers all the areas that these games will take place in.
Simple online booking.

Compare prices, find budget or luxury accommodation you will save time and money using this great system.
Safe secure online accommodation booking.




One response

25 03 2010

Remember, along with the World Cup event, in England a crazy phenomenen happens: The World Cup England Song competition… we have a hopeful out there to help cheer on the England squad this year:
“Chant Like An English Fan!”

It’s based on the Bangles’ 80s hit “Walk Like an Egyptian”

Check it out!!!

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