Is South Africa Safe for the World Cup ?

25 01 2010

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Is South Africa Safe to visit to experience the Soccer World Cup ?

Well that is the question the every one wants to know. Is it safe.
They are talking about stab vests for visitors, “STAB VESTS”, I mean that is a bit crazy, the perception at the moment is that South Africa is the most dangerous Country in the World.

That maybe the case, but I have never seen a movie about football hooligans in South Africa. But I have seen a few movies about the Football hooligans in England. Now that is scary, if you are on the wrong side of the stadium, supporting the opposite team, your life is in grave danger, you should-be wearing a ” Stab Proof Vest” and a helmet and that isn’t enough, as you will get jumped on by the hooligans that support opposite teams.

When you are walking home from the games wearing your teams branding and you are seen by fans from other teams, you better run as your life is in danger. Being a soccer fan in England, is a risky business.

hooligans at South African matches, is unheard of the fans don’t act that way. I am not saying that it won’t happen, I am just stating that it is unlikely.

Being attacked in South Africa, if it happens, will only be in remote locations and it will only happen if you are foolish and go into bad areas and you are carrying money or flashing other valuables.

Use your head and you will be safe, you don’t go walking around the Bronx at night, so don’t do it over here.

Don’t walk around with your Passport and don’t carry lots of cash.
If the unfortunate happens and you do find yourself facing some thugs that are trying to rob you, don’t resist just give them the little bit of money, that you have on you and you will be fine.

But if you stay away from remote areas, you won’t have any trouble.
Find out from the locals, they will tell you where you should not go.

Having anything happen at any of the games, is not very likely so don’t waste your money on these gimmick STAB PROOF VESTS.
So in conclusion to this, I suggest you get your tickets and come experience the Football in Africa.




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