Accommodation and Assistance

17 02 2010

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Getting the most out of your South African experience.

I have mentioned before about the iStopover network.
This is where you will find an affordable place to stay during the World Cup.

Let me tell you a bit more about this service.
The Hosts at the iStopover network, are very excited about the Soccer World Cup. They want to ensure that it is a success and that you as the guest , gets all the best assistance and advice.

They know where all the good and bad places are, they want to advise and assist. Your experience at the World Cup, is important to the hosts. So you will get all the first hand information that you need.

This will ensure that your stay is a good one.
Once you find the accommodation that you want, you will be able to request any assistance that you need, while you are there.

The Host could collect you from the Airport, they can supply you with any additional services that you may require.
This would be a smart choice, as you will have access to free advice, someone to guide you and make your visit to South Africa a great one.

Get assistance and advice from a local.
Click on this picture and visit the iStopover Network.
Find more than a great place to stay.




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