Is the Strong South African Rand, affecting your World Cup experience ?

17 03 2010

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Since the mention of the World Cup being held in South Africa, the South African Rand has continued to gain on International currencies. The World Cup has become more expencive for foreign visitors.
The South African Rand,  has not been this strong, since before 1994.

We are not talking about the old days when it was R2 – 1$.
If it was the old days, then it would cost a fortune.

We are talking about the New South Africa.

Exchange rates where great, for the tourist at R10 – 1$ not so long ago.

We are currently sitting at $1 – R 7.2865 as at the 15th of March 2010, with just a few months to go.

The Rand has gained up to 30% , since the start of the bidding for 2010.

Click here and get a brief History of the South African Rand.

As you look for services on this site, you will notice that they are all, either Dollar or Pound based.
At least you know what you will be paying.
The Rand could continue climbing, giving the visitor an uncertain bottom line.
Or it could fall.
What will it cost me in Dollars ?
You might be happy, or you could get a shock.

So be it accommodation, for the  Soccer or World Cup Tickets, Flights, Activity bookings, Safari and sight seeing.
You pay in your own currency, you pay upfront online, leaving nothing to suprise.
Don’t be affected by the Rand if it stregthens, know exactly what you are paying, who knows the Rand could get very strong and that will impact on your bottom line.

Or the Rand could fall and you will gain.
But do you want to take that chance ?

On this site “Experience Africa”, you can get it all, to have the best Experience at the Soccer World Cup.
Buy safe, buy secure and pay in your own curency.
You don’t want any sudden suprises and then learn, that your money has lost some more value to this emerging market.

Don’t risk it, pay in Dollars, Pounds or select your choice of curency, from inside these service providers.
They are all large International service providers, safe and secure.
A better way to experience the “Soccer World Cup”, in South Africa.
Look through these banners and links on this site and you will find a service to anything that you may need.




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