Communicating in South Africa

18 03 2010

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Lets talk about, your options for keeping in contact – while you are in South Africa.
Well I am sure that you can, continue to use your own cell phone, with your own sim card.
The problem is, it could work out to be very expensive, at the end of the day.
You could also have problems with the reception, here is an easier suggestion.

When you land at the Airports in South Africa, go to any of the cell phone stores that they have.
Purchace a South African Sim Card, a “pay as you go”.
This will give you a South african number, to use while you are there.
Insert that sim card into your phone and use it to stay in Contact in South Africa.

All you have to do is, top up your air time,
You can buy air time at any service provider, they are all over the South Africa.
Don’t use this number to phone home , as that will just eat up your airtime and cost you plenty.
In South Africa, you get Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Virgin Mobile.

You can get each member of your group one, that way you can always stay in touch.
This I would suggest you do. Communication and keeping in contact is very important as you know.




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