Flying to South Africa

18 03 2010

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Flying to South Africa during the period of the Soccer World Cup, is going to be a bit hectic. There will be plenty of flights arriving at the airports and they are going to be running at full steam.

As it is, luggage landing in South Africa, is at risk of being tampered with and sometimes go totally missing.
During this period, there are bound to be incidents.

Make sure that you don’t pack any valuables in you luggage.
If you don’t have a hard stong suitcase with a good lock,
I suggest you spend a few bucks and get your luggage wrapped in protective plastic, before you board on your side.

The thought of having your stuff stolen, before you even start your journey is an awful thought, rather be Safe than sorry.

You can start looking for flights, both to South Africa and around South Africa. Click on the photo, you will have access to, two flight booking tools.
You can do a search on both and see who gives you the better deal.
Simple to use and you book directly, saving you money.




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