Staying in a Township

18 03 2010

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There is lots of talk about various establishments in Townships around South Africa, gearing up to welcome guests to stay over at their places in these townships. They are promising to show you the real South Africa.

Well I must say, I am not sure whose reality they want you to experience ?
Townships are not places for the fans to hang out, they are not places that you want to stay overnight in.
If you want to see a township, go there on a guided tour and then leave.

These places are not safe, they are not safe during the day and they are definitely not safe at night.
Even if you are offered free accommodation in a township. you should turn it down.

There are lots of other places to look at, a township should not be considered.

Click on this photo and search for affordable safe lodging, either in a Hotel or an alternative safe secure place.




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