Things to do in Durban

1 04 2010

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“Things to do in Durban”.

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10 Things you should try and do while in Durban, besides enjoying the Soccer World Cup.

Below is a list of things to do in Durban, covering some good information and advice on what to do in South Africa, besides the World Cup.

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1. Visit Ushaka Marine World, this is an aquarium and water fun park, entertaining for the entire family.

2 Visit any of the beaches as the weather is warm in winter and the Indian Ocean is warm enough to swim in.

3 Visit Gateway Theatre of Shopping, this is a large shopping center that has included lots of fun activities, it has a man made wave machine, you could learn to surf, climb a large indoor climbing rock, try the skateboard park and lots of other things to do.

4 Visit the Restaurants in Florida road; this is a vibrant stretch of road with clubs, pubs and restaurants.

5 Learn to dive and dive with the sharks, just outside of Amamzintoti about 20 minute drive from Durban.

6 Crocodile Creek, this is a crocodile farm unlike any other, the show and the feeding of these reptiles is an experience for the entire family.

7 There are also a few game parks in the area; this is a very good season to visit any of these parks.
The Nambiti Plains is one that I would suggest you visit.

8 Take a trip either up or down the coast of Natal, great natural beaches, visit some of the smaller coastal towns.

9 A trip up to the Midlands Meander, very beautiful and to witness the Valley of a Thousand Hills is breathtaking.

10 The Maydon Wharf, is also a very nice place to visit, this is a section of restaurants and bars at the harbor.

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