The World Cup is over

15 07 2010

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So the Word Cup has come to an end, this is very sad.
But it need not be if you are one of the fortunate ones,
that managed to see these games in South Africa and are still in South Africa.
There is so much to see and explore in South Africa.

The games where a huge success, for both the Country and the people that attended.
The vibe was fantastic, having been at a few of these games myself.
So glad I had a chance to experience it !
Speaking to the visitors from around the world, they all claim that they where having the time of their lives.

But now Africa awaits, for you to explore.
The season is great for doing a “Safari” the animals will be in full view.
Every part of South Africa, has a diffirent vibe, the culture is very diverse.
The Natal region is great during winter, so head towards the coast if you are looking for some heat.

Have a look through the activities banner on this site and get some great ideas on what to do.

“Experience South Africa”




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