"Township Tours"

14 10 2010

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“Township Tours”, in South Africa, a new adventure experience.


“Township Tours”, are the latest craze in South Africa.
Now this can be a very exciting experience, you will learn how other cultures live and experience their  special magic.

Tourists and local South Africans have taken to this concept.
But if you are going to experience a Township, don’t just go there unaccompanied by a Guide.
This can be a scary, if you are alone, as there are still bad elements around,
so I would not advise that you go to a township alone.

With that being said, if you are looking for a great, unforgettable experience, then you should try an official tour to one of the Townships.See the vibe and experience the jive, as these places can be a buzz of activity. See how another culture lives and plays.

Going on a guided tour into a Township, these guys know all the best spots, they know the people and they will show you a good time.

These tours are very cheap and it is something that you should try and experience.

Visit a tavern and try their home-brew, try their food experience a different taste.
This is a very warm experience, that you will never forget.
A “Township Tour” is an unusual activity, but it is something to see and experience.
The activity booking system is an International one, with only the best in World Entertainment.

They cover South Africa, giving you the best in online activity and entertainment booking.
There are Townships, close to all major Cities in South Africa,
you will find a Tour through the Viator banner below.
With this system, you will be able to book the best in activities and “Township Tours”


Experience Africa and South Africa, for an adventure of a life time. Click on the photo below and get access to a variety of Adventure in South Africa.




One response

15 10 2010

I booked one, what a wonderful experience and value for money.Thanks Barbara

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