"Township Tours"

14 10 2010

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“Township Tours”, in South Africa, a new adventure experience.


“Township Tours”, are the latest craze in South Africa.
Now this can be a very exciting experience, you will learn how other cultures live and experience their  special magic.

Tourists and local South Africans have taken to this concept.
But if you are going to experience a Township, don’t just go there unaccompanied by a Guide.
This can be a scary, if you are alone, as there are still bad elements around,
so I would not advise that you go to a township alone.

With that being said, if you are looking for a great, unforgettable experience, then you should try an official tour to one of the Townships.See the vibe and experience the jive, as these places can be a buzz of activity. See how another culture lives and plays.

Going on a guided tour into a Township, these guys know all the best spots, they know the people and they will show you a good time.

These tours are very cheap and it is something that you should try and experience.

Visit a tavern and try their home-brew, try their food experience a different taste.
This is a very warm experience, that you will never forget.
A “Township Tour” is an unusual activity, but it is something to see and experience.
The activity booking system is an International one, with only the best in World Entertainment.

They cover South Africa, giving you the best in online activity and entertainment booking.
There are Townships, close to all major Cities in South Africa,
you will find a Tour through the Viator banner below.
With this system, you will be able to book the best in activities and “Township Tours”


Experience Africa and South Africa, for an adventure of a life time. Click on the photo below and get access to a variety of Adventure in South Africa.


The World Cup is over

15 07 2010

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So the Word Cup has come to an end, this is very sad.
But it need not be if you are one of the fortunate ones,
that managed to see these games in South Africa and are still in South Africa.
There is so much to see and explore in South Africa.

The games where a huge success, for both the Country and the people that attended.
The vibe was fantastic, having been at a few of these games myself.
So glad I had a chance to experience it !
Speaking to the visitors from around the world, they all claim that they where having the time of their lives.

But now Africa awaits, for you to explore.
The season is great for doing a “Safari” the animals will be in full view.
Every part of South Africa, has a diffirent vibe, the culture is very diverse.
The Natal region is great during winter, so head towards the coast if you are looking for some heat.

Have a look through the activities banner on this site and get some great ideas on what to do.

“Experience South Africa”

See the Cup

30 06 2010

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The Soccer World Cup is in full swing and I think that Africa has done a fantastic job.
This has been a wild ride, it has been awesome for all the people that attended .
I am sure that they are having a fantastic time.
The fans are enjoying the Country and the games.

The only bad thing was the weather, very cold in most parts of the Country.
South Africa is full of excitement and showing off more than the games.
The World Cup has been a whirlwind of excitement, if you did not attend these games in Africa?
You can See this fantastic event through the eyes of  two keen soccer enthusiasts Ana and Christina , they are touring around South Africa following the games, take a look and  “See The Cup”

Airport Transfers in South Africa

30 06 2010

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“Airport Transfers in South Africa”

Arriving at the airports in South Africa and if you have not rented a car,
You will need to find a way to get from the airport to your destination.
Here is a great cheap service to use, you can book your airport transfer in advance and know that you will not be left stranded. This is the cheapest mode of transport from the airport.

Make use of this simple booking tool and book your airport transfer.
This is the best and cheapest airport transfers that you will find.

Easy to book and ensure that you have,
safe reliable transport from the airports around South Africa.

Click on the banner below and book your airport transfers in South Africa.


See the World Cup Vibe

29 06 2010

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The best advice that I can give you is, ” Be There”!
This is a cup unlike any other, the vibe is Africa and the experience is once in a life time.

If you are unable to attend these great games, then take a look at this site http://www.seethecup.com

Here you will see it through the eyes of two young soccer enthusiasts.
Great site and full of action.

See the Cup through the eyes of Anna and Christina.

Fifa World Cup Guide

4 05 2010

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Get your complete guide to the Fifa World Cup.

This is a comprehensive guide to the World Cup in South Africa.

Click on the photo and get it for free.

Full guide on all the Stadiums, you can also learn the lingo.

Things to do in Durban

1 04 2010

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“Things to do in Durban”.

Visit this banner below for a full list of activities, tours and adventure.

Simple to book all your fun, this also gives you a good idea on what to do in Durban.

Great tours and activities full of adventure.


10 Things you should try and do while in Durban, besides enjoying the Soccer World Cup.

Below is a list of things to do in Durban, covering some good information and advice on what to do in South Africa, besides the World Cup.

Click here to get a Map to the Stadium in Durban

1. Visit Ushaka Marine World, this is an aquarium and water fun park, entertaining for the entire family.

2 Visit any of the beaches as the weather is warm in winter and the Indian Ocean is warm enough to swim in.

3 Visit Gateway Theatre of Shopping, this is a large shopping center that has included lots of fun activities, it has a man made wave machine, you could learn to surf, climb a large indoor climbing rock, try the skateboard park and lots of other things to do.

4 Visit the Restaurants in Florida road; this is a vibrant stretch of road with clubs, pubs and restaurants.

5 Learn to dive and dive with the sharks, just outside of Amamzintoti about 20 minute drive from Durban.

6 Crocodile Creek, this is a crocodile farm unlike any other, the show and the feeding of these reptiles is an experience for the entire family.

7 There are also a few game parks in the area; this is a very good season to visit any of these parks.
The Nambiti Plains is one that I would suggest you visit.

8 Take a trip either up or down the coast of Natal, great natural beaches, visit some of the smaller coastal towns.

9 A trip up to the Midlands Meander, very beautiful and to witness the Valley of a Thousand Hills is breathtaking.

10 The Maydon Wharf, is also a very nice place to visit, this is a section of restaurants and bars at the harbor.

Here is a complete overview of all the Cities, download the PDF file for Free.

Get your official fan guide for free, Click Here.

For more options on some cool things to do in Durban, Click on the picture below and experience Durban.